on origin myths, being thankful, and eating pie

I love Thanksgiving. It’s the one holiday I celebrate with gusto. As far as I’m concerned, Christmas could be renamed Consume-más, Valentine’s Day is a pathetic display of obligatory affection (and obligatory depression for the unattached), and New Year is a meaningless mark on an arbitrary linear model of time. I don’t even believe in time. But I do believe in being thankful. And eating. I definitely believe in eating.

Yesterday I went to the market to buy goods for the big meal. Stuffing, vegetables, potatoes, cranberry sauce, and blueberry pie. Oh how I love pie. It might just be the perfect food. Anyway, while in the checkout line, I chatted politely with the cashier. “Time for my favorite holiday!” I said cheerily.

“Yeah, I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it necessarily, but I just can’t seem to separate the modern holiday from its historical roots,” he replied. Debbie Downer? Maybe. But he has a point…

Ah, yes. The conundrum of our national origin myth, and the role it plays in this most festive of holidays. We all can probably recite this myth by heart:

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There went the neighborhood

A strange thing happened to me the other day. And by strange, I mean unpleasant and a bit surprising.

I was jogging through my neighborhood (I live on the edge of town in a quiet area with large lots), and as I approached my house, the next-door-neighbor’s two dogs came sprinting into the street, snarling, barking, and lunging at me. Naturally, I stopped dead in my tracks, and said, “Whoa!” They weren’t 80-lb pit bulls or intimidating Dobermans, but a pair of knee-high Australian shepherds. Still, nobody likes being attacked by dogs — even little ones.

I was calculating my best method of defense (kicking? grabbing and tossing? choking?), when the owner called them inside and they ran into the house. I yelled toward the owner, “That was actually pretty scary!” Shaken, I walked back to my house. I thought about calling animal control. However, my dogs have escaped once or twice, and I remember being pretty upset when another neighbor called animal control without talking to us first. So, I walked back next door to have a chat with the neighbor. Continue reading

A new endeavor, more personal

writing feeds the spirit

Hi there. And welcome.

I am no stranger to blogging. Over the years, I have maintained a blog for work, intermittent travel blogs, and a blog about food. However, it was difficult to keep up with current entries because of the dependent nature of the content on these blogs. Sometimes I just didn’t have anything new to report about graphic design. Sometimes I needed a break from talking about food. And more than half of my time is spent not traveling.

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